Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstone jewelry in the history

In the ancient civilizations the birthstone jewelry was considered to be manifestations of excellent power to the earthbound. The Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Incas, Aztecs Persians and other cultures and civilizations believed in the power of the gemstones like the amulets and the talismans. The gemstones were guardians for them that had a lot of attributes, powers for healing people and even sending the soul of the dead ones into peace in the afterlife. 

The pearls were present in the wine of Cleopatra, so she can drink in the beauty of these stones. The sunglasses that were made of emerald were worn by Emperor Nero when he was watching the gladiator battles in the coliseum. A lot of the civilizations believed that the birthstone jewelry is connected with super powers that are not explicable for the human. 

The birthstone jewelry in Medieval Europe

In this time it was believed that this type of jewelry was used to protect the people from the death. They were also used to heal the diseases and illnesses, to bring the love and to protect the people from poisons. The tradition of giving and receiving this type of jewelry was performed mainly to the people in a family, from one to another generation and was given only to the loved ones. Different types of birthstones had different meaning and some of them were even associated with the days of the week, the months or some other meanings. 

The custom of wearing the jewelry

The custom of wearing this type of jewelry begun in 1700s in Poland when the people started wearing them again in these new centuries. By the 20th century, they came into fashion again and were worn by the celebrities and the general population. The Victorians were using the birthstones as a way of communication and representation of devotion and love all that found in one piece of jewel. One ring might have the emerald, diamond, ruby or amethyst and is providing the sentiment of someone who is dear to you. 

How can be explained the power of the birthstones scientifically?

There can be some explanation about this type of jewelry because the jewels had amazing power in the electromagnetic vibrations, or so-called “light”. They have properties of optical variations since can be found in different colors. As the light is traveling, the human eye can perceive all of the different colors in the spectrum, but the gemstone that is without color, will absorb the other light waves and will emit it again. 

How the jewelry is classified?

This type of jewelry is classified by the mineral composition that every birthstone contains. All of the gemstones come from different parts of the earth, so they have different characteristics and features. Since the natural and powerful forces are responsible for the creation of the gem, they were considered and associated with the natural powers. Every type of birthstone and every type of jewelry that has it implemented in the design has different story and is made of different purpose.

The jewel that was giving shape of these gems needs to have special skills and qualifications in order to make them beautiful for the eye and to increase their value. And since they are connected with different feelings and express emotions, they are very valuable.